Beat The Shiny Naked Skin Look

People get shiney (read oily) skin for a number of reasons. Many of which can be corrected by simply changing your daily skin care routine. One of them may be due to an over use of skin exfoliant products

For shininess you can try mattifying moisturisers – they’re not miracle products but they definitely help. I’ve tried a few and really like Garner PureActive matte finish. It goes on completely matte. Throughout the day I use blotting papers and as a result my skin stays fairly matte.

Unfortunately, I’ve had less success for the forehead region – this keeps my cheeks and T zone matte but somehow even when blotted my forehead stays shiny so YMMV.

To be honest, if your skin has uneven tone or blackheads then shininess can make it look even more gross but since your skin is almost completely clear the shininess just looks like a health glow.

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