Brow Mapping And Eyebrow Shape

To get the best shape I suggest brow mapping.

How Does Brow Mapping Work

Start at the inner groove of your nose (where you would get it pierced) and go straight up and draw a line there with brow product. That’s where they should start. Same inner groove going straight through the center of your eye is where they should arch, draw another line. Then the outer corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye is there they should end, draw another line.

Connect the lines and fill them in to the thickness you prefer and tweeze anything that falls outside of that.

Another Method

If you want to further understand your brow shape, color the bits you want to pluck with a white eyeliner pencil so you can roughly see the shape.

Add and remove where needed until you have a shape that appeals to you.

Take a picture with your phone and then remove the liner.

The next day draw the shape back on using the photo as reference and see if you would be happy with the same shape.

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