Finding Your Foundation

Doublewear has amazing coverage and dries to a matte finish so means little setting powder is required but I’ve found the colour does oxidise as it wears.

Choose a sold color that matches your application goals. Once you have a base you can buy similar shades but with different undertones to combat this issue.

UD is a slightly thicker consistency than DW and this will also oxidise but I was told this at point of purchase and so spent a while with it on my hand before deciding colours. Its also a matte finish like DW. Both have great staying power throughout the day but DW is probably better (certainly takes some getting off) The Clinique one is a lot thicker than both UD and DW and does not oxidise or set matte. Coverage is super impressive and a little goes a LONG way.

It does have a tendency to wear off through the day but if you set it properly then it’s great and I don’t feel like I’m clogging my pores. It also means that if I do want a More natural dewy glow then I have that option. Right now UD is my go to foundation as I feel it’s the best all rounder! I hope that helps you a little!

Definitely go get samples and try them first!

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