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Fun Group Activities For Baby Showers

Regardless of the style there are so many different ways to host a baby shower with a girly touch. I prefer these over the gender neutral gray affairs that I have been invited to. And it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to you since one of my main hobbies is makeup.

Traditionally makeup has been seen as a woman’s realm, and though in recent times I have bumped into more men who are browsing the cosmetic offerings at the mall it is still very much a place dominated by women.

This is also fine by me. While I have encouraged my boyfriend to wear more chapstick, that is as far as I will ever go.

For one, chapstick is a must if you want to kiss soft lips. His get really dry in the winter and I am sure other women know that that is a no-no if you want to kiss. I already tolerate a beard which is rough enough.

Anyway, to me showers, and in that case baby showers in general, are for girls.

There are so many activities that just don’t work if there are men present. And the entire atmosphere is different. People act differently and the topics tend to stay neutral. You miss out on the insights that you would never have otherwise. And that is one reason why I feel that the day should just be for the girls.

Call me old fashioned.

I was recently asked to help at on baby shower. It wasn’t like I had any part in the planning or setting up the necessary pieces that were needed to make sure everything went well, it was in my area of experience. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not at all organized in the slightest, which is why I would never be asked to host a shower. No. My area of expertise is with makeup. And that is exactly what I did.

When they were going through and picking baby shower invitations for girls they stumbled upon a makeup themed party. And so the main activity was going to be around a spa/makeup style celebration. Something that I was just totally excited to see being done. And even more excited to be part of.

The makeup aspect was mostly an optional part of the celebration, we didn’t go and by supplies for everyone, instead we took the basics that we collected and got oneway applicators from a local salon that we could use and then dispose of. This meant that we could reuse things like lipstick and other items. It really felt like I was preparing models for a show, the people that participated were also a wide range of ages which was fun for me. The idea of trying to do the same thing with men present, nope, couldn’t see it.

Men have these strange sort identity issues, just being around something like that would have sent half of them running.

And while they think that they are tough, the softest things make them queasy. It is actually pretty funny.

But I’m sorry to say that most of them are like a fish out of water when it comes to things that have been a woman’s domain and it is just awkward to have them attend baby showers. The only way that it really works is to bribe them with meat and beer, which isn’t really what a baby shower is about.

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